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Netrikulator - Puzzle Game Of Networks
FIDIM Interactive, LLC was originally created as a shareware publisher creating video games and applications for the Macintosh platform. Many of our games have been nominated for awards and licensed to major web sites and are available in stores around the world. Although we do much more today than just video games we still have a special place in our heart for them.
Waste away the hours that you should be working by forming as many networks as you can with this addictive puzzle game.
Fontabulator 2.0
    We've all been there, working in Photoshop, Illustrator, Word, or whatever, and you need to find a font that looks good for the type you're designing. So you select one from the Font menu. No good. Now you select another one from the Font menu. Nope. Another one? By now you're realizing this could take all day. What you need is a program that lets you perform this incredibly dull activity as quickly and painlessly as possible. Enter Fontabulator. This handy dandy quick and cheap little utility lets you preview all your fonts at breakneck speeds so you can find that special one that would look just perfect with your layout.
    If you can't decide between a few different typefaces, save them and come back to them. When you're done you can copy and paste your design into whatever other program you like. It's so simple it's brilliant. It's so brilliant it's cheap. It's so cheap it's a necessity. Download it now and give it a spin.
    Version 2.0 now runs on MacOS X and Windows and features several new features including:
  • Redesigned interface
  • Arrow key navigation through your fonts
  • A preview keyboard to show you all the characters in a font
  • Set foreground and background colors
  • Hidden selections for accurate previews
    Download Fontabulator 2.0 now for free! This is the full version with all features intact and will run for two weeks. When you're ready you can register the program securely on line for just $10.

Download Fontabulator 2.0 for Macintosh OSX.

Download Fontabulator 2.0 for Windows.


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Artists of The FuMP
The FuMP Volume 59: September - October 2016
Artists of The FuMP
The FuMP Volume 58: July - August 2016
Manic Mondays
Making your Monday mornings suck just a little bit less.
The FuMP
The Funny Music Project brings you two new demented songs every week!
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