The most fun you can have inbreeding, without actually doing it.
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Chromosomethingorother is a puzzle/strategy board game inspired by Othello. The object of the game is to collect 23 chromosomes before your opponent does, and create a "normal" human specimen. Getting there is half the fun, as you witness zany combinations of the incomplete DNA model.
  Chromosomethingorother for Macintosh
This is a feature-disabled demo version of the software. The game plays normally except that you can only select 4 of the available 12 characters to play, and network play is disabled. To play with all characters, and to play games over a local area network (LAN) you can purchase the full version for only $15.
  Chromosomethingorother for Macintosh
Purchase Chromosomethingorother and other products by FIDIM Interactive at our secure on-line store. Chromosomethingorother is only $15 and will be shipped to you on a CD-ROM free of charge.
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